I'm Sorry Our Debit Is Down

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First you should know that the worst thing besides not having a specific product a customer wants (you know, because our baker is a human not a robot) is having our electronic payment go offline. This can happen for many reasons none of which means a damn thing to the screaming customer at the speaker box.

Me: I'm sorry our debit is down

You: [condescending tone of voice] Ya think you'd have a sign up saying that.

Me: You mean besides the three we already have posted?

Second: Nobody reads signs. Seriously. It doesn't matter how many we put up 75% of customers will not see them.

Also, sometimes you're the customer next in line when the debit goes down. I'd like to say we have the ability to simultaneously determine we have no debit AND get signs up but we don't. Can ya try to remember we're human?

Third: We do NOT enjoy having our electronic payment go offline because of the shit we have to deal with from customers. It makes our lives miserable. Why is it customers think they're the ONLY one being inconvenienced? I dare say we hate it more than they do because they can go get money at another drive thru, a bank drive thru, while we still have a non-functioning electronic payment system.

Fourth: We are at the mercy of the tech support for getting the issue fixed. Yes their contract says they will be there within four hours but they often aren't. WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THAT. What we can do is put in our request for service and wait. Just like customers have to wait. And we're just as happy about the wait as they are. Customers think they're frustrated dealing with no electronic payment once? Try telling approximately 120-150 cars per hour that we have no debit.

Fifth: I am not without compassion. I have personally paid for several orders when our debit has gone down. One time a woman was getting breakfast for her kids and she was in her pajamas and could not come into the store. I knew she would be going home empty handed to a house full of kids and so I paid for her order. Sixteen bucks. If someone is a regular and their order is reasonable and they have no other way of paying AND they are understanding about the issue, I just might let them have their order on the house. But it ain't happening if they tear my staff a new one especially for something that is not their fault.

Also re: reading signs;

You: Why don't you have a "coffee only" line up

Me: because nobody reads signs. Then they get into the "coffee only" line up and want a bagel. Then they're told it's coffee only. Then there's line rage.

You: Line rage? You have a name for it?

Me: Yes

I don't know what's worse that line rage actually exists or that it happens so often we have a name for it.

Re: Garbage at the window

We CAN'T take garbage at the Drive Thru window. This is not our rule this is a Department of Health rule. We serve food that is in sanitary and safe condition. We don't know where a customer's mouth has been so don't hand us your filthy garbage. There is a designated garbage receptacle at the exit from the Drive Thru for their convenience and the safety of our staff and the customers behind them.

Why do I even have to explain this stuff? There are children starving in Africa. Get your priorities straight.


Anonymous said...

Your right. People don't read signs. They also don't listen to my voicemail message that the company makes me update daily. Why? "I am out of the office today and will return your call tomorrow". Guess how many "I need you to call me back in the next 20 minutes" messages I will have left for me.


Frimmy said...

How much more clearly do you have to say it without sounding patronizing? That would really frustrate me.

Tonya said...

People hand you their fucking trash through the drive thru window? WTF???

Frimmy said...

Not only that? If we don't take it, a too many of them will drop it on the ground while pointedly looking at us like WE'RE the losers. One of them said, "It's YOUR trash, you take care of it". Unbelievable. They just don't get it.


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