I'm Weary. Here are some photos I've collected

Columbines from my garden

Whoa!  Get a load of the tricep action!

It's back, finally

As if we needed another reason to  believe crocs are evil

Neighbour envy

This photo always makes me cry.  
(2007) Christian Golczynski, eight years old, courageous and strong,
accepts the flag from his father's coffin. Here's the story behind the photo. Doesn't matter what my stand is on this war or any war, this child is dealing with supreme grief while proudly standing for his dad and representing his family and doing it with more grace than I thought was possible for any human regardless of age. He has my admiration and respect.

One day I'm going to learn how do this with my monitor.
You know I'm talking about the scotch, right?

If you guessed Charles and Anne you would be right.
It was the Corgie that gave it away. Then it was his ears.


Anonymous said...

Why are you weary? Shall I wipe your brow???

Charles is actually cute in that pic. Probably first and last time of his life.


Frimmy said...

Camp Day @ Tims. Also day six of six straight work days. Bad fall. No sleep. And so on.

Frimmy said...

Oh and you're right about Charles. He was cute here and has a great expression on his face.

Anonymous said...

Camp Day. I can only imagine.

Donatella looks particularly fetching in her photo I forgot to mention.


Tonya said...

Was that photo of Donatella taken immediately after the bandages were removed?

The woman is a mummy is what I mean to say here.

Frimmy said...

Ann knows Camp Day. If I didn't work for Tim's I'd be making my own coffee and staying far away on Camp Day.

re: Donatella
There's a lot of flop going on with the arms, eh?


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