Jeff Koons - The Art of Banality

Jeff Koons is an American pop artist who specializes in everyday ordinary things as art. He also did a series where he and his wife demonstrated positions in the Kama Sutra. This series is called Made in Heaven and you can view a slide show of some of the paintings here. NSFW

Meanwhile, here are some of his other works.

Topiary Puppy


It's done with salt water

Balloon Dog

Chrome bunny

He loves vacuum cleaners

File this under: Why didn't I think of that and make a zillion dollars?

Balloon Art Flower

Pink Panther

String of puppies

Balloon dog and tulips

He paints very well, very realistically but you have to go to the Made in Heaven link to appreciate it. NSFW!


Unknown said...

a shopvac? balloon animals? seriously?

Frimmy said...

A long time ago in another life, I use to like his stuff. Not anymore.


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