The Last Single Malt Scotch

The Balvenie

After this last purchase, I will be trying blended scotch just to see what I'm missing. I may run back to single malt. I may not. But it can't be said I didn't give single malts a good try. I did. So good, I don't want to leave them. And, really, I won't be. I have all these awesome bottles left that are still really full of scotch. Except for The Macallan. That one isn't so full. I may have to get another one of those.

The Balvenie has the coolest bottle. Once you remove the foil you can see the neck has a pleasant bud vase shape to it. The cork has a wooden cap. I was pleased to note that every scotch so far has had a cork stopper. Even my favourite wine doesn't come with a cork anymore. I don't really care, but there's something about cork that makes it seem like more attention was given to details.

Balvenie has a rich flavour with a hint of sherry like Macallan does. It's tangy and a bit spicier than Macallan but, like all the scotch I've tried so far, it has a pleasant and lingering heat. It's the heat I think I love the most. Perhaps you get it chugging other spirits, I don't know.

So...any good blended scotch suggestions or do I close my eyes and pick one?


Anonymous said...

Tried Ardbeg yet? The best.

Frimmy said...

Laphroiag is the only Islay I've tried. I will give Ardbeg a try, thank you. But what in the name of all that's barley are you?

Tonya said...

Do you have an anonymous scotch buddy?

Frimmy said...

Whatever it is, it is an anomaly. No stats whatsoever. Unknown browser, operating system, resolution. Disabled java and no referring link. ISP: Google.

Clearly it is a scotch loving Ninja.


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