A Quiet Cove In The Middle of a Meadow

So imagine you're in Spain, minding your business taking a little hike through the verdant green of Spanish meadows and fields of cows with cowbells that sound like a cross between a bong and a tinkle, on your way to the cliffs that end at the water.

Like these exact cliffs, for example

You come across this interesting rock formation and follow what seems to be a well worn path to investigate. You know, because you're on a Spanish vacation with time to kill doing cool stuff like that.

Like this exact path, for example

You approach the rocks expecting, well, rocks as we all would expect. And you DO find rocks but you also find this:

A beach
Like this exact beach, for example
With clear, cold water and sandy shores
Oh, and waves and tidal action too
The video is short and the waves I mentioned are right at the beginning

You have found the magical Playa de Gulpiyuri.

Why does it have waves? Underground tunnels, carved out below and stretching to the Bay of Biscay introduce a constant supply of water which flows into the Playa de Gulpiyuri as waves.

The water is crystal clear and cold as the water spends a bit of time underground before it washes into the beach.

What other wonders exist out there. So much earth to explore. So little time.


Angie said...

I would love to visit this one day. I'll put it on my list of "Fantasy Vacations That I'll Never Be Able To Afford".

I'm so depressed now.

Frimmy said...

I exist to bring these depressing vignettes to you, sometimes updated with new titles so no one will miss them. You're welcome


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