Remember This Picture?

Well I finally tracked it down thanks to google image search. More about that later.

A group of Filipino fishermen feeding shrimp to 25ft giant whale sharks, by hand.

I thought the man on the sailboat might have been Filipino - I know many Filipinos and he just struck me that way - and the background certainly looked like The Philippines, but even putting that in the search got me nothing.

I told you it was a gaping maw!! Didn't I? I did.

Did you know you could drag and drop an image file into the google image search bar and google will find it online for you? If you did, why didn't you mention that when I asked?!

Drag your image file here and boom, google gets your info.

Got a picture you want more information for? Drag and drop it. Easy. For more tips and tricks for image searches in google click here. It works.


Tonya said...

I thought I told you about it in that original post. Or that you said you searched for it and came up empty.

Damn you for telling people about this. Muser Mommy thought I was magic.

Frimmy said...

You told me about another image search service and sent me a link. I used this picture with that service and nothing came up. You swore me to secrecy about it because of a surprise you were planning and when someone swears me to secrecy, it goes in the vault so I never mentioned it anywhere.

Whale shark, though!

Tonya said...

Damn, I bow to your superior memory. I think I remember talking to you about this. Yes, it sounds familiar.

I thought it was just a little funnel in the water. DAMN!

MuserMommy said...

Next you are going to tell me Santa was just my parents wrapping gifts for me!


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