Scotch Research Update

My favourite: The Macallan 12, neat

As two of you may remember I started doing some research into scotch a short time ago. That post is here. It was my intention to start with single malt scotch and segue into blended types.

Well, I'm not ready to try the blended yet. I'm still having too much fun with the single malts. I started out this project because I loved the idea of scotch. Now, I just love scotch. I just thought the two of you might want to know that my sampling of the blendeds may not arrive for a considerable time in the future. So don't hold your breath.

Yes, indeedy


Tonya said...

Single malt always seemed classier to me. I don't know why.

Frimmy said...

I know the single malt fans will agree. I have no bias against blended, I just haven't got that far yet. You know, in my research.

Noelle said...

I know someone who drinks Chivas 18 a blend by the case full. I try I just can't acquire the taste.


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