Shadows, Nails & Thread - Kumi Yamashita

I know, I know. Another art post. Kumi Yamashita is worth your time.

Kumi Yamashita has little to say about herself. She was born in Japan. She lives and works in New York City. You can view her work on her website here.

The following pictures are from her "Constellation" series. In her words:
This body of work consists of three simple materials that, when combined, produce the portraits: a wooden panel painted a solid white, thousands of small galvanized nails, and a single, unbroken, common sewing thread
There's a video at the bottom of the post where she explains that if she needs to correct something she threaded earlier in the work, she has to unravel the thread to get to it!  There's a starting point where the thread begins and you can clearly find it in almost every work of art she does with this medium.



Mana detail


Eric detail

The next series is called "Light & Shadow". She explains:
I sculpt shadow with light or sometimes light with shadow, but both function in essentially the same manner. I take objects and carve and place them in relation to a single light source. The complete artwork is therefore comprised of both the material (the solid objects) and the immaterial (the light or shadow)
Each one of these paper squares is folded or arranged so the resulting shadow reflects a face


Orange Origami detail





City View
City View detail
For a look at how she works here is a video. English subs. Start it at :50 to see her at work. Even though this video is in the format of a panel variety show (?), it's interesting because it shows Kumi working on her pieces and also explaining them.


Noelle said...

Fascinating. I'm not watching the video until I'm at a faster connection. It starts strange.

Angie said...

This woman is a artistic genius. Thank you so much for this post :)

Frimmy said...

I said this on another post, coming across Kumi and her art, Erica Simmons and her cassette tape art, or Jack Long and his is humbling to encounter such beauty created by one person's idea and their ability to follow it through to fruition so artfully.

I am awed. I can't find another way to describe how it makes me feel. I think everyone in the world should see what I've found. I hope they do. I try to do my part to make sure they do.

Tonya said...

Those are absolutely beautiful.


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