A Snapshot of my Morning

Last night: The lad's remote control helicopter, flying as if it were new
Not shown in photo: Under the desk, stealth cat, crouching and waiting
So the other day I entered the boy-cave, ran into a bright red end table (the ugly cube type from Ikea) and knocked the Lad's remote control helicopter onto the floor. I also badly bruised my shin but that is secondary. While I was nursing the injury I yelled up to the Lad that I might have injured his toy in the mishap and he came downstairs to check out if I was OK, then if the helicopter was OK. Seriously, he did.

It turns out that the helicopter had been previously damaged and this latest fall had fixed the problem. Before it would lift off but only rotate around in circles. After the incident it was back to being able to fly around the room again annoying me and the cat.

Since then many comments have been made about my lack of appreciation and respect for other's possessions being what was needed to fix the toy and the Lad has thanked me profusely in this manner. It has been a source of a lot laughter between us because he knows he's handing me a backhanded compliment and that his helicopter's well being is the more important thing.

And so, it was back to terrorizing me and the cat with the buzzing, rotating blades designed to tangle long hair into infinite and permanent knots.

The cat has his own issues with it.

Cat is hiding under the desk hoping for a chance to pounce

This morning the battle continued upstairs while the lad killed time waiting to leave for school.

Studied nonchalance

Shelf mounted on a two story wall in entry way.

(Left to right, peaking from around the corner, is a dried flower arrangement, a rubber alligator strategically placed by the lad to help me with my irrational need for order and a copy of a painting chosen only for its colours) 

Above is a shelf in my entryway. It is out of reach no matter which way I choose to access it. There is a short length of floor beneath it which then descends into stairs to the boy cave. It doesn't get dusted much. So I asked the Lad to send his helicopter over there because the rotors cause a lot of wind, like real helicopters, and would have solved my dust issue and his need to buzz. He liked this idea and will get back to it when he returns from school.

I watered plants, the Lad helped me move some flower baskets around and left for school and here I am. 


Tonya said...

I read through this whole post, looked at the pictures and then didn't comment. Rude of me.

I searched for the cat too.

Frimmy said...

I'm no Levi with MS Paint. I thought of him a lot while trying to depict in Paint, a realistic cartoon of a frustrated cat hiding under the desk.

It wasn't rude. You just didn't have anything to say. I've been like that for a few days now.


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