Tom Wilson's Pop Art

Apple Crate

Tough Crowd

Blue Knockout

Baseball Ready

The Catch

Two Hits

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Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson as Biff Tannen, yes, that's right

Tom Wilson wants to put his iconic bully character, Biff, behind him. He has good reason, that was then and this is now. He accords the Back to the Future series the respect and goodwill that he feels it deserves along with respect and goodwill for the people with whom he worked and we all know who they are. In spite of BTTF fans being unable to see him any other way, he has moved on. He has found a way to deal with fans, frozen in time, with humour and grace. He is a stand up comic and artist. He was doing this before he ever played Biff.

His art evokes joyful recognition and a resulting happy nostalgia when people recognize the items in his work. You might have had the same reaction when You saw the pics above.  

He has a very credible pedigree. One bio says:

After studying fine art photography at U.C.L.A., he followed the path from photography, to mixed media works, until he finally found a home in color and canvas.
Tom studied drawing and painting at the Art Academy of Los Angeles, as well as the California Art Institute, followed by extensive study in painting with the noted abstract painter Rene Amitai, as well as the renown California impressionist Arthur Bjorn Egeli. - source
Tom Wilson's pop art can be found here

Tom Wilson's web site here (click to enter)



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