Top Ten Frimmbit Posts

I thought it would be fun to let you know what gets the most internet activity here at Frimmbits. Any guesses? Mostly geographical beauty and nature. So I guess that tells me to keep doing posts like that every once in a while.

Seven of the top ten have been posted since April of this year. I don't know what that means but I'm tempted to run a couple posts from last year because while these represent the top ten pages viewed, they certainly do not represent MY top ten favourites. 

Aogshima Island posted June 10
1140 views, 1 comment

513 views, 2 comments

Black Jaguar posted May 30
252 views, 1 comment

120 views, 7 comments

112 views, 8 comments
So many people have downloaded the pictures from this post

103 views, 3 comments
Until the top two were posted, three of the top ten were about beaches.

Tiny Homes posted June 1
97 views 17 comments
This is a surprise

85 views 1 comments
Seriously?! Jeff Koons makes it into the top ten. Ugh. I feel dirty. I like featuring artists who do unique and beautiful work. In my opinion, Jeff Koons isn't one of them and he  made it into the top ten. Not cool, internet people.

72 views 7 comments
This picture still gives me the creeps. 
Probably popular because the title is misleading. I might change it.
[update: done]

Sweet, Ambiguous Chiroptera posted January 29
48 views 3 comments cute!!!


Noelle said...

That was interesting. So many views but no one is talking. hmmm....

Noelle said...

You like it quiet don't you?

Angie said...

I always wonder where you get your blog inspiration. Like, are you working away and decide that you want to talk about tiny homes today? I love that about your posts, you bring to my life, things that I would have never had thought to look for.

Frimmy said...

Often when I'm reading a book I'll find a thought or word or reference that I'll pursue online. Moby Dick is full of stuff.

Or I'll be looking up something and I'll see another interesting thing in the side bar and get sidetracked.

Sometimes someone will give me a suggestion for a blog post. I have one I'm researching for the 100th anniversary of The Calgary Stampede. Someone gave me their anniversary issue with 100 years of history in it in case I wanted to do a blog post.

Do I like it quiet...

Essentially I write for myself, I have this need to write but I have no good inspirations for writing a book. I write about what interests me or amazes me. If others think what I write about is interesting also, I'm very surprised and flattered. I think I know how to handle 10 followers better than 1000 followers. The pressure must be crazy to keep bringing the awesomeness to that many people day after day. I'm not looking for recognition in numbers and I'm not earning any money with my blog, so I don't broadcast my blog, so I don't try to get it out there for as many people to see. I like it quiet? In one way, yes. I love comments when I get them, though. Absolutely.


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