Chan Hwee Chong - One Continuous Line of Art

Chan Hwee Chong was born in Singapore and lives in Germany. He is a graphic artist and the following were done for Faber-Castell, a company that makes pens. I own a set of their technical pens from when I was in Engineering Drawing and Graphic Design. I love them but have no use for them anymore, sadly. 

He starts with a blank sheet of paper and one pen. He starts in the middle and spirals out to the edge in one line. I see to post a lot of art that is better appreciated from a distance. Regardless, this is kind of amazing.

Chan Hwee Chong is a graphic artist and works in advertising. You can view some of his other work here

Flying Sharks

If this isn't a nightmare come true, I don't know what is. Great Whites were filmed catching decoy seals on High Definition cameras.

Not only did they fly through the air with the greatest of ease, they immediately recognized the seal was a decoy and spit it out.

Heads up, flying shark.

Sharks are fish right? Fish stay in the water don't they?

Ptooey! Fake seal! Who is responsible for this?! Where is that boat full of meat bags???

Watch for yourselves and never, ever, EVER swim in the ocean again. Not that I did before, I didn't. The largest great white ever caught was right in the water around the island where I grew up and it wasn't even open ocean. That was in the '80's. I haven't been in the water since then.

Food Fadists & Fascists

First off a disclaimer. Food allergies, sensitivities and intolerance are real and for those who suffer from them they are an ever-present threat to health and sometimes their lives. I will not be addressing those people. I have a sister who goes into anaphylactic shock if she eats anything that has come into contact with egg, even an egg-shell. Also, she knows how prevalent eggs as an ingredient are in the food service industry so she has researched what she can and cannot eat as well as where she can and cannot eat it. Did you know egg shells clarify some broths for soups and some coffees? She does. I say this to communicate that I am aware food allergies are real and can have possibly fatal consequences and I am sympathetic to this but also that any person with this type of allergy knows better than to leave their health in the hands of someone without an invested interest in keeping them healthy and they don't take a chance on someone else making important dietary choices for them.

Silence! I kill you!!

I had someone tell me that if they eat lettuce they will die and that their bagel had lettuce on it and if they died it was my fault. Fatal allergy to lettuce? Sure... If that is the case, then they have no business assigning me responsibility if they choose to eat in a restaurant that has lettuce. Period. Your health. Your choice. We are not going to stop offering lettuce in the restaurant so if you have that kind of an allergy it's probably best you not eat here. We're perfectly fine with losing your business. Have a nice day. :)

You're asking yourself if I've really said that to a customer. Yes I have said it. Too many times. 

People who choose to follow severely restricted diets for non-health related reasons (heart disease or diabetes) are on their own too. It doesn't matter to me what you eat but, like evangelical Christianity, do not involve me in your little food games.

Read on an old board yesterday:
I am just so tired of hearing about people sensitive to gluten, dairy, black pepper, onions, cinnamon, vegetables in the nightshade family, sugar, and on and on. Yesterday was the topper though, I heard someone ask "Was this dehydrated at a temperature of less than 118 degrees? I get violently ill if I eat anything that was heated beyond that". Listen you fucking drama queen, if you want to jump on the raw food bandwagon go ahead, but don't expect us to believe that you get "violently ill" if you eat things that were heated.
I know there are some people who really do have celiac disease, or are truly allergic to certain foods, but the majority of these whiners are just looking for ways to feel special. Here's a news flash though, joining the herd of people following the allergy d'jour does not make you special, it makes you a fucking moron.
And seriously, does anyone ever go to a Naturopath/Witch Doctor and not be told they are "sensitive" to wheat and dairy?
As Mitchel Ruhlman where I got the term "food fascist" said in response to an email he got here;
We have reached such a pitch of food idiocy it makes me want to scream. Much of the idiocy is sparked by the media that seems to report on every study and trend that comes around the bend. That and an American population that simply cannot think for itself. People, you have six senses! The last one is common! Use it!

I'm not talking about people who choose to eat only foods harvested from sustainable sources or non-genetically modified foods or people who are committed to being informed about how we sow, reap, harvest, legislate and base our economic systems on food and how it ultimately reflects on how we treat each other and the Earth, they're in a group all by themselves with a fringe element of fascists like any other group.

I'm talking about the idiots who can't or won't sit down and figure out a balanced diet of fruit, veggies, carbs, protein, fat and exercise in order to be healthy. The need or want someone to think for them and they're willing to accept a way of eating suggested to them by fanatics.

In conclusion, food fascists, fanatics and extremists need to shut up. It's food. If you knew how stupid we think you are, you would have the good sense to keep your latest food fad to yourself. I haven't known a food fascist who chugs apple cider vinegar and embarks on week long body cleanses to be any healthier than someone who gives not one damn about food choices.

If you can't eat anything heated beyond 118 degrees, you need to find out for yourself where to get the foods you can eat and no I'm not changing anything I do to accommodate that choice because you choose not to be balanced. Like anything in life, balance is the key. Why do we have so little of it?


People who have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue don't bother me. What bothers me is that 2% of the population has Fibromyalgia, 2.5% have Chronic Fatigue and 25% of the people I know have it and the ones who do have it are whiners. Chances are higher that if you have been given a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue then you are probably a hypochondriac as opposed to the 2% who actually have it.

It's this 23% of sufferers that I'm talking about today. The hypochondriacs. So if you actually have Chronic Fatigue and/or Fibromyalgia and you were diagnosed by a doctor and you are living your life in a way that deals with it so that you can live as normally as possible, leave now. You have my respect and sympathy and this post is not about you.

It seems a very high percentage of people prefer to jump on the disorder fad wagon rather than just dealing with their issues or accepting responsibility for their actions. You don't want to go to work? Who does? You call in sick, the rest of us go to work, walk off the discomfort and focus on something other than ourselves and our illnesses, real or imagined.

That both disorders are difficult to diagnose or that doctors are hesitant to put that on a person's health history makes these afflictions easier to exploit. There's no test and no cure besides treating symptoms. 

Sounds like Chronic Fatigue to me

People who actually have these disorders want you whining hypochondriacs to shut up. You're muddying up the water with your ubiquitous complaints and demeaning those who are actually living with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I know the whiners have altered my perspective because there are far more of them than actual sufferers. If you tell me you have either ailment, and this was unsolicited and it was used as a justification for why you miss a lot of work, then yes, I've just labeled you.

When someone tells me they have either Fibromyalgia or CFS I immediately assume their Doctor is tired of dealing with all their imagined illnesses and given them a name for their hypochondria to get rid of them. However the ones who work without complaint because they know their condition is chronic and has no cure, are the ones who have my respect. We all work through pain and fatigue. You aren't special. Shut up and go be tiresome somewhere else. 

I have a bottomless supply of sisters to use as examples it seems and one of them is a hypochondriac. She knows this about herself, though. It IS possible to control it. She has accepted that she needs to carefully walk herself through a check list of reasonable symptoms and if something does not fall into reasonable she gets it checked out. She worries too much about everything but she doesn't require us to take her worries seriously. She actually jokes about it. Sometimes she will tell us something that is bothering her and we discuss it and she accepts what we tell her because she trusts us and she knows we are not hypochondriacs. 

Also, she takes the basic steps necessary to keep herself healthy in order to ensure she is doing what she needs to do to minimize illness and disease. She is a hard worker and she has a life where she's making a difference in this world. This is the kind of hypochondriac I can respect. The kind I am completely willing to tolerate and who does not drain my reserves.

Here is a link to a self-diagnosing guide for hypochondriacs. 

Psst, Can We Talk About Big Boobs For a Sec?

Seen on an old forum board today: 
Every "attractive" woman on the cover of a magazine - big, honkin', bubble boobs. Every scantily dressed starlet on tv - big bubble boobs. Every actress desperately trying to make an image at the award shows - big bubble boobs. Every music video - you guessed it, big bubble boobs. I'm just danged tired of these oh-so-fake silicon monstrosities pushing their way into the limelight every time I see a piece of popular culture. That is all.
*slow clap*

How unusual. Breasts in my face

I'm with the frustrated commenter. I'm sick of the huge, plastic, fake bubble boobs. What is with this fixation for huge boobs no matter the cost and no matter what naturalness is sacrificed for them?

I looked at a lot of articles when researching this post and you know what? Not only are people obsessed with breasts, they're a little fixated on listing euphemisms and slang terms as an introduction to the subject. Why....? 

Big breasts are everywhere. They're exploited by advertising, being circulated on the internet by people who think that's what we want to see and being flaunted by the boobed ones like Coco or that teen skank married to that old man who was in The Green Mile. I can't be bothered trying to remember their names. I'm tired of boobs. Tired of having them in my face everywhere I look. I'm tired of coming face to face with the assumption that if you end up on general interest web pages - not porn sites - you must want to see boobs.

So...where's the beef?

And why are we subjected to them? Although the guys who love big breasts don't believe this, the entire world of men are not turned on by huge tits. Some think huge breasts are unattractive. 

When you think about the fact that the population is only partially male, some of them gay and some of them into legs or butts, why is there this fascination with them? Why are both men and women obsessed with them? Why do men who confess to liking other things about women more than breasts get treated like they just admitted to not liking sports?

Only heterosexual guys surf, I guess.

In one of the articles, a guy suggested that one of the reasons men are obsessed is breast envy. They wish they had them. That's funny because I 'babysat' this kid once who said that he could never get a sex change operation because he would be too obsessed with fondling his breasts to do anything else with his life. Then as a 'for example' he squeezed his imaginary breasts with both hands and affected a dazed expression which, considering he was a precocious ten-year old, was both scary and hilarious.

Now with fake padded nipples!

Breast surgery is the number one cosmetic procedure in the U.S. The American Society of Plastic Surgery estimates that every year American women undergo some 300,000 breast augmentations and 100,000 breast reductions. Women who get augmented typically want a one or two-cup-size increase, most typically from A or B to C. Women who want reductions typically go one or two cup sizes down.

Yeah don't even try to click those links.

Let's face it, you have big breasts because of genetics or because you bought them. Either way, no actual brains went into it and I'm probably going to make a judgement that the more you rely on your tits to get you what you want, the less brains you have. Speaking of breast augmentation, when did half-grapefruit shaped boobs become attractive?

To me, sexy is when a woman is happy with her body regardless of how it fits into the narrow, artificial frame-work of what is considered attractive today. Sexy is when you're happy with what you naturally have. The same study cited earlier found that 70% of women are unhappy with their breasts compared to a much smaller percentage of men who said they were unhappy with their partner's breasts.

A guy once told me that he loves breasts but he doesn't care what size they are. If they belong to the woman he loves, they're perfect. He said they come in all shapes and he had one girlfriend who had two different sized breasts. He didn't care, he said, but she was self conscious about it. That bothered him a lot more than her breasts did.

So is this a case of men just admiring a huge set of breasts and women running with that and thinking huge breasts must be what they want and advertisers jumping on the band wagon because sex sells or are we all just obsessed about huge breasts for different reasons?

Yes, yes, Spongeboob. Very funny

Michael Murphy - Graphic Portraiture

Michael Murphy works with reclaimed items like acrylic plastic scraps and bullet proof glass. It's difficult to describe his works. They are sculpture and expanded graphic portraits. If you go to his website here you can click and hold and turn the work around virtually. When you look at his work face on, it's good. Interesting. It's when you view it from alternate angels, that's when it wows you. I mean really wows you.

Stephanie Tubb Jones sculpture, front

Stephanie Tubb Jones, side view


Bulletproof glass, braided fibers, wood, and oil enamel

Corey, front

Corey, side

Popsicle sticks

Katie, front

Katie, side

Bullet proof glass, braided fibres and wood

Spun and screen captured for you. Really, go see his stuff. It's wonderful

Currently located in Milledgeville, Georgia, MM is the Assistant Professor of Art and Technology at Georgia College. He has an extensive list of exhibits and accomplishments.

Each of MM's pieces are independent and he does not issue his work in the form of a series. He works with other mediums such as wire and acrylic paints. 

I love how he experiments with used materials and combines formal portraiture with executions that are both innovative and remarkable.

Fun With Dead Insects

These have been around for a while. I posted them to facebook and thought I'd trot them out here.

I have to sneeze!

Is it good?  Well done! It smacks the (of?) shit!!

It's the latest craze

Hah!! 2012-2012

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