Cheese Gods

The Lad and I made cheese today and we feel like gods. Sorta. We made mozzarella style cheese and it was easy as hell. I researched several methods and recipes and this was the easiest. I will post the video below.

Hah! You can see my stupid sundress in the reflection of the pot. It's hot. Shut up.

back row Left to right: corned beef, Willie's Zucchini Relish, whole milk, triscuit
front row: Citric acid, rennet tablets, big pot with lid.
missing: salt

Note: corned beef is for dinner. Zucchini relish just hasn't been put away yet from when I got groceries. Neither have anything to do with cheese making.

The Triscuit is there for the Lad once the cheese is done as this will only take 30 minutes top to bottom.

Stirring in the rennet after milk reaches 95F

It immediately starts to form curds

After 25 minutes

A ball of mozza, in the background, the left over whey

The lad melted his on triscuit, I made a Caprese salad.


Whole milk     1 gallon
1 1/2 tsp       citric acid
1/4               tablet rennet
1/4 cup         water (for dissolving rennet)
1 tsp            salt

That's it. Seriously it's "simplicity itself". The biggest chunk of time was waiting the 25 minutes for the curds to set. 

Rennet and citric acid you can get at most health food stores. Since I live in munchkinland I had to mail order it because I was met with dumb looks when I asked the local health food store clerk about rennet. Citric acid was easy. You can also get it at a pharmacy.

I chose fresh mozzarella style because you don't need non-homogenized milk to make it and my request for non-homogenized milk was met with the same dumb looks as my request for rennet. Although she happily volunteered that they had coconut milk! Coconut milk cheese...not really making my skirt fly up.

Interestingly, the makers of this video and my 
cheese making supplier, live in the same Canadian city

I want to thank Ella from makeCHEESE shop for all her help and encouragement. I've bought her cheese curd kit and mini mozza kit just because she was completely charming. Ella runs a cheese making supply shop from her lovely home on a charming street not too far from me. There was a cat under the bush in her front garden and a Ducati in the driveway. Might not have been hers but I don't care. She got me started with the rennet tabs while I am waiting for my kits to come in. 

The Lad was as tickled as I was at the results, of course "tickled" is not the word he would use. If you have access to the supplies, you should really try this.


Angie said...

I think I may try this, because nothing makes me happier than soft cheese. Unless it's soft cheese in a caprese salad :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ann and I made goats milk cheese last summer. We just used vinegar and it worked. Yummy.


Tonya said...

Agreeing with Angie on soft cheese AND caprese salad. Yum yum, eat it up.

dirtydisher said...

Wait, zuch what?? What do you do with zuch relish? Never heard of it.

Frimmy said...

Oh my gosh DD!! It's so good. It's similar in taste to sweet green relish only much better and you use in the same place you would sweet green relish. It's like a cross between that and a green tomato chow chow.

Frimmy said...

Ann, I've seen people suggesting using lemon juice. Does that mean you don't need the citric acid and/or rennet? Did your goat cheese taste...goat-y?

dirtydisher said...

Like I can sample a chow chow here. I don't know nuthin. I is in the sticks of hell. Runs away sobbing.

Baaramtoi said...

Cool! Cool cool cool cool! I'm gonna make some mozza!


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