Cleaning Out My Picture Folder Picture Dump

(or stuff I couldn't find posts for)

I finally figured out what dog faces are missing

Freaky deep water in Iceland

Cool way to make nut brittle

Just a regular winter day here


My hair stylist is an artist!

I believe the prince has just said something like you're an ugly mo-fo

This is how Frenchmen say "your're welcome"

Freaky cave filled with water

Bottomless eyes of death


Malachite is the bomb



Tilt shift photography

Another way Taylor Swift resembles monkeys

Are imitating art

Rutile on hematite

Just for Laughs is a comedy festival held in Montreal. In between performances by stand up comics, the program inserts film shorts called "Just for Laughs Gags". They're a series of simple pranks pulled on the unsuspecting folks around the city. There is no dialogue so the fact that everyone is French makes no difference. The following is a "best of" collection of gags from Just for Laughs



Tonya said...

Love it! I adore pic dumps.

I laughed at the Frenchmen one.

Angie said...

I loved the side yard and the wisteria. Nature is beautiful, isn't it?

I had tears in my eyes with the hat mannequin...LOL!


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