Dominica's Boiling Lake

So after I was done ogling Pancho's hair, I was like, where is Dominica? Dominican Republic and Dominica are two different countries. Dominica is a little northwest of Martinique and St Lucia and they speak English and French Creole there. Dominica has a lot of volcanic activity per square mile. This contributes to the country being able to boast that they have the second largest boiling lake in the world.

Really we're talking about hot springs here but the important question for me is: What is the largest boiling lake in the world? That would be Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand. Both lakes share names that are equally lacking in imagination. What would you call your boiling lake if you had one?

The largest boiling lake in the world looks more like it's steaming, frankly

Back to Dominica. Their boiling lake is so hot nobody knows the temperature of the water where it's actually boiling because it's too hot to measure. The edges  - you know, where it's cool - are 180-197°F. Unlike the lovely turquoise of Frying Pan Lake, Boiling Lake is grey. Like death came and sucked all the tropical away.

There are a lot of 'hot' lakes in the world but Boiling Lake is deadly if you happen to fall in. According to my new best friend, The Basement Geographer, only two people in history have died here. B-Geo doesn't mention whether they fell or were pushed. 

The lake is actually a flooded fumerole. Water fills the crater via rain and two streams. It's hot because there's lava at the bottom of the hole and the boiling is created by the gasses escaping from the lava. These gasses super heat the water and give the impression of boiling. How deep is Boiling Lake? Nobody is sure but it's over 195 feet.

photo: Antoine Hubert

If you watched the video and some of you did not, I know this about you, you should know that it's a long hike to get to Boiling Lake. Best to take along a Pancho. Maybe even The Pancho.

Boiling Lake is found in Morne Trois Pitons National Park where you can also find this:

Emerald Lake. The diametric opposite of Boiling Lake

Here is some context for size. It's about 200 feet across

One of two feeder streams

The lake always has a cloud of steam around it

You know what I think when I see this?
Boiling Lake must really smell bad.


Angie said...

You always find the most interesting subjects to blog about. I'm always learning. Today I learned that there are bathtubs of the devil all over the world. I don't think I want to put this on my bucket list. I'm holding out for the inland sea you talked about or the glass beach.

Frimmy said...

The colour of that water is soul sucking, don't you think? I know it's just minerals etc but grey, opaque, hot and smelly just reeks of hell.


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