Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again (live)

I've never been a Fleetwood Mac fan but a couple of their songs are among my favourites. This is one. Here's another version where the guitar is the star of the song.


Angie said...

Lindsey Buckingham is straight up, for my money, the best guitarist I've ever been in love with. Fun fact: The man doesn't use a pick, so ends many of his concerts with his fingers bleeding. He's THAT convicted in making amazing music. Lots of hype about his personal life, but my only interest is his talent.

Fleetwood Mac is somewhat of an obsession of mine. Love. Them.

Frimmy said...

I love this song mostly for the guitar and I don't dislike Fleetwood Mac, I can't even think of a song of theirs that I dislike.

I bought my BFF their Rumours album when she graduated. She was older than me and graduated before me but how's that for dating myself? She loved Fleetwood Mac.


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