Gunther Holtorf - One of the Greatest Individual Travelers, Ever

My sister sent me this link today. It's the coolest thing.

For 23 years Gunther has travelled over 500,000 miles around the world in the same Mercedes Benz G-Wagen which he affectionately calls Otto.

He wants no sponsor, they will put their name all over Otto like it was a Formula 1 race car and he thinks that's unsafe for him.

He says baboons are very dangerous animals. I love this man.

This is where he has been. Amazing.

When his wife, Christine, became ill he traveled with his son Martin.

Gunther, Martin and Otto

Aww, he matches Otto!

I have no doubt he will wish he had not become so famous.

Canadian-born photographer David Lemke, based in Vietnam, joined Gunther on one section of his epic journey. The video is below. [update: the video was removed, here is a link instead] It has voice over by Gunther and Lemke and stunning photos of everywhere around the world all with Otto in the picture. Totally cool. (T, watch it if you have time, it's worth it)

Here is an article about Gunther.



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