I Need a New Phone

I do not want a new phone. I dread shopping for one. Currently I'm not getting one because I'm claiming to be waiting for the latest iPhone to come out. I just don't want to get one because I don't want to deal with the sales person and the plans and the packets and the unlimited whatevers.

On Atheist Granny's blog she posted about a new series she's watching via Netflix called Portlandia. I checked it out on YouTube and found a video which completely summarizes what I wish to avoid by procrastinating about buying a new phone.


Angie said...

I have officially slipped into the "old person" category, because I cannot manage a touch screen and I will not attempt to learn. As long as they keep making flip phones, I'll keep buying them. I'm thinking that there are a heck of a lot more old people than young, right?

Tonya said...


Frimmy said...

I like their woman's book store sketches. Especially the journaling workshop with Heather Graham.


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