Lake Baikal, Siberia

Winding down our series on unusual lakes, today we feature Siberia's Lake Baikal one of the world's most pristine and deep fresh water lakes.

There isn't a lot of fresh water in this world but Lake Baikal has 20% of it. It is the world's oldest and deepest fresh water lake with an average depth of over 2,400 feet. Average is a scary word sometimes. Average depth of over 2,400 feet tells me there are a lot of spots that are even deeper because, you know, the depth at the shore is an inch.

Lake Baikal has a surface area of 12,248 sq miles which is about the size of a small country.  Lake Superior, one of the other large fresh water lakes has a surface area of 31,700 square miles. However, Lake Baikal is 5,380 feet at its deepest and holds more water than possibly all of the great lakes combined.

Crystal clear ice

Because of the abundance of a specific shellfish, the water is especially clear and pure

Ice fractures give you an idea how thick this ice is
Baikal is one of the most biodiverse lakes on Earth, with 1,340 species of animal and 570 species of plant. In the forests surrounding the lake there are an additional 10 threatened species along with the full complement of typical boreal species.

Pine trees on stilts

Baikal has its own seals and they're wondering
how long you're going to hold your breath down there

Golomyanka - an abyssal FRESH water fish

You know you're looking at something unusual when it is both abyssal AND fresh water dwelling.

Green sponge forest

Typical Siberian house. Cute as a bugs ear!!!!


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