Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan

Lake Balkhash, Kazakhstan a name rife with "kh" configurations

Lake Balkhash in southeastern Kazakhstan forms a blue crescent. The ice has melted off the lake except in its eastern tip, where gray-white chunks are still visible. Three rivers can be seen running into Lake Balkhash: the Ile in the east, the Qaratal in the center, and the Aksu in the west. What is unusual about Lake Balkhash? Part of the lake is fresh water and part of it is saline.

Unlike our previous two lakes, Lake Balkhash is lovely and non-murderous.

Lake Balkhash is one of the largest lakes in Asia and 13th largest continental lake in the world. The lake is divided by a strait into two distinct parts. The western part is fresh water, while the eastern half is saline. The eastern part is on average 1.7 times deeper than the western part

I wonder if bull sharks love this lake?

It's nice to know not all of the bizarre lakes on this planet are out to kill you. Lake Balkhash also has a pleasing colour, at least it does on one side of the lake. The water in the western part has a yellow-gray tint, and in the eastern part the color varies from bluish to emerald-blue.



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