Michael Murphy - Graphic Portraiture

Michael Murphy works with reclaimed items like acrylic plastic scraps and bullet proof glass. It's difficult to describe his works. They are sculpture and expanded graphic portraits. If you go to his website here you can click and hold and turn the work around virtually. When you look at his work face on, it's good. Interesting. It's when you view it from alternate angels, that's when it wows you. I mean really wows you.

Stephanie Tubb Jones sculpture, front

Stephanie Tubb Jones, side view


Bulletproof glass, braided fibers, wood, and oil enamel

Corey, front

Corey, side

Popsicle sticks

Katie, front

Katie, side

Bullet proof glass, braided fibres and wood

Spun and screen captured for you. Really, go see his stuff. It's wonderful

Currently located in Milledgeville, Georgia, MM is the Assistant Professor of Art and Technology at Georgia College. He has an extensive list of exhibits and accomplishments.

Each of MM's pieces are independent and he does not issue his work in the form of a series. He works with other mediums such as wire and acrylic paints. 

I love how he experiments with used materials and combines formal portraiture with executions that are both innovative and remarkable.



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