"Monster by Monday"

Jarel Brooks Risks Life to Save Mother & Children

In case you've just landed on Earth you should know that on July 19 of last week a lone gunman lost his shit in a theater in Aurora, Colorado in the US. It was a midnight showing of the latest Batman movie. Twelve people are dead and fifty people are injured. Stories abound about survivors and victims. Did you know one of the dead, Jessica Ghawi, narrowly missed being present at another mass shooting in Canada on June 2?

I don't usually comment about current events on my blog. It's not that I don't have opinions, I do, but I leave the editorials for the people who have a coherent and eloquent way of writing about such things.


That's my sense of humour in the hammock. It's recharging.

This story has shipwrecked itself on the peaceful, tropical yet temperate, island  where my brain likes to chill. The island with a white beach and a lagoon full of crystal clear turquoise water where my consciousness likes to paddle around and observe fish nibbling at coral. And where it recharges in order to be able to cope with the next round of stupidity to which this world subjects it.

I think this should be a story about a nineteen year old kid who risked his own safety to save an injured woman and her two small children. A woman who was abandoned by her partner when he jumped a balcony, ran headlong to his vehicle and drove away. Why? Well there are all kinds of ridiculous reasons he and the media are foisting on us and one of them is he that thought if - IF! - his children survived he didn't want them to be orphans. WTF? Why do reporters keep talking to this man? Why are they trying to get us to buy his lies? I can't figure this one out. Can you?

Don't they look so comfy!

Let's not talk about the renewed gun control debate this has generated or the fact that there were idiots who thought bringing children and babies to a midnight showing of a movie intended for mature audiences was a good idea.

Do you think the interviews with the Coward are presented ironically? Ostensibly to show him in a heroic format while he indicts himself with his words? 

Why has the media has chosen to elevate as heroic a man who abandoned his young family to a gunman? No matter what this man says to explain his actions, no matter how many fake tears this man sheds, everything he says about what he did that night screams out what a complete coward he was.

Media, unless you're shoving this man in our face as the worse example of a man and father then shut up. We're not buying it like his fiance is. Anyone with half a brain would see that asshole for what he is except for the one other person in this world who thinks as highly of him as he does.

And that's another thing. The Coward proposes to his girlfriend in the hospital and this is also forced on us as a romantic upside to an almost tragic story. And she said yes! Well, at least she knows he'll always be there for her. Wait...

No! It IS a tragic story and it ISN'T romantic in the slightest, where the hell are your heads you asinine reporters of the 'news'???

Did you know there is a whole internet debate going about how this man's heroic actions are going to be ignored because of his colour? That the media will focus more on the white murderer and the white couple because that is more comfortable than giving credit to a black teenager who took a bullet for an injured mother with two small children.

Did you know people are criticizing Brooks because he left his own mother to help a wounded woman with two small children? Speaking as a mother of a teen, if he and I were among a crowd of injured and dead and he said there was a mother with two small kids nearby who needed help but he didn't want to leave me, I'd would make him go and I would be so proud of him.

Bottom line is a kid, Jarell Brooks, helped a woman he didn't know. He helped her and her kids when they had been abandoned by the 'man' who should have been helping. A useless ass of a man who is being paraded around like some kind of romantic hero. 

My friend Briezy says the people who see the Coward for what he really is are speaking out and this weekend their numbers have been snowballing. She says he will be a monster by Monday. He will be if there is any sense left in this world. I hope she's right.

Atheist Granny has posted about the real heros of this tragedy and you can read about that here. She's one of the eloquent writers I mentioned earlier.

Almost everyone who isn't a crackpot, racist crackpot, or mainstream news outlets are railing against the way the Coward is being presented. I hope his girlfriend picks up on this, I really do.

This deserves its own post but whatever

In 2003 Cubs fan Steve Bartman reached to catch a foul ball, deflecting it away from Moisés Alou. It set a series of events in motion that when the dust settled would be considered the turning point of the series. The Florida Marlins went on to win the pennent and the World Series something the Cubs have never been able to do since...well it doesn't matter. What happened to Steve Bartman?

He was contrite and anonymous until fans at home started phoning and texting the people they knew at the game (there was no Jumbotron but stations covering the event for television replayed Bartman's unfortunate attempt ad nauseum), pointing out where 'that guy' was sitting. That was the last of his peace and quiet. Cubs fans shouted insults toward him and others threw debris at Bartman, with one fan even dumping a cup of beer on him. Security escorted Bartman and two people that accompanied him to the game and toward the exit tunnel from the field. News footage of the game showed him surrounded by security as passersby pelted him with drinks and other debris. Bartman's name, as well as personal information about him, appeared on Major League Baseball's online message boards minutes after the game ended. As many as six police cars gathered outside his home to protect Bartman and his family following the incident. Afterwards, then-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich suggested that Bartman join a witness protection program, while then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush offered Bartman asylum.

Shortly after the incident, Bartman released a statement, saying he was "truly sorry." He added, "I had my eyes glued on the approaching ball the entire time and was so caught up in the moment that I did not even see Moisés Alou much less that he may have had a play." Trying to maintain a low profile, Bartman declined interviews, endorsement deals, and requests for public appearances, and his family changed their phone number to avoid harassing phone calls. He requested that any gifts sent to him by Florida Marlins fans be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In July 2008, Bartman was offered $25,000 to autograph a picture of himself at National Sports Collectors Convention in Rosemont, Illinois, but he refused the offer. He declined to appear as a VIP at Wrigley Field. In 2011, 8 years after the incident, he declined to appear in an ESPN documentary, and he declined a six figure offer to appear in a Super Bowl commercial. [source]

The pariah of mankind all because he fumbled a foul ball. In a game.

But the Aurora Coward? He gets prime time news and accolades.


dirtydisher said...

Thanks for posting the hero and not the coward.

Frimmy said...

I didn't even want to cite his name. Coward will suffice.

Angie said...

You really freak me out sometimes. When I was putting together my post on AG, I was using the example of Steve Bartman, but decided against it and went a different direction. I'm officially speechless.

Angie said...

And why I decided to not use the Bartman analogy is because I was making the comparison of the coward doing something that makes him a monster by Monday, but Bartman? He just got caught up in his excitement and didn't realize what he was doing. The coward, being a father, should have instinctively known what to do for those children.

Still freaked out, btw.

Frimmy said...

The Lad's father mentioned this incident but it's still crazy we were both thinking of it at the same time especially how random this Cub's story is.

Tonya said...

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it. I read one blog (don't remember where) and people were ripping this POS a new asshole and his brother came out to DEFEND him! Telling everyone they didn't understand and how he acted with his kids in mind at all times. I honestly can't understand how this guy's family hasn't disowned him. If I'd learned that EmoBoy did something like this I would never defend him.

Frimmy said...

I don't understand it at all. We're being told to admire this man and I'm all; "Don't tell me what to do!". They don't get it. For once it's not me sitting here saying; "I don't get it". I know THEY don't get it and they're too stupid to shut up and stop bringing attention to themselves.

I would never defend him either. His actions are indefensible and every word he says, or anyone says, in his defense proves that.

Anonymous said...

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