More Hyperrealism - Pedro Campos

As always I like to feature art that I found especially interesting for one reason or another. Usually I feature unusual mediums but this series of pictures is ordinary oil on canvas. The artist, Pedro Campos, is a hyperrealistic painter and is not ordinary in any way. Below is a photo of him working the first picture in this post. I had to see it to believe it.

Pedro Campos, 46, is from Madrid, Spain and worked as a restorer well into his thirties

His art is full of transparent objects, reflective surfaces and clean lines. He also portrays his subjects with the accuracy of a camera. It would seem to me that a hyperrealist painter would obviously have talent to put brush to surface and create a likeness of something but in addition to that they would have to be an illusionist. I know artists are creating illusion but hyperrealism goes beyond that. I think it's in the magical territory of illusion. Up in that photo you can see he's painting a label and it's a taupe colour but when you look at the finished IS etched glass even though I know it isn't. 

Shades of mc escher here.

Here's an article about the artist by John Seed from the Huffington Post

Here is his website, check it out.



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