More Iceland, As Promised

When the Lad was little and we were looking at pictures of places around the world, I used to tell him that Greenland was ice and Iceland was green. But that's really not the whole truth. Iceland does have ice so it is partially white. It is also blue and black and even cosmopolitan in places. Iceland is magical for so many reasons.

Geographically it gives us a snapshot of what is happening along the ridge under the Atlantic Ocean when two tectonic plates collide. That in itself is magical but along with the geothermal activity it is breathtakingly beautiful.

Blue Lagoon Spa

If you live in any area where there is glacial run off you know how mesmerizing the water colour can be due to the minerals and particulate in the water. Jewel tones from blue to turquoise to emerald green can be found in the Rocky Mountains around me. I haven't seen this colour, however.

Akureyri. Population: 17754

Golden Falls

Beautiful gallery of photos here

Photo of the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago from Inspired by Iceland here. Previous Frimmbits post on the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago here.

Iceland was on my bucket list before the movie gave that list a name.


Angie said...

Incredibly gorgeous! I loved the buildings with the grass roofs :)

Frimmy said...

They were cute as a bugs ear!! Apparently this a traditional way of building. I assume when you're in the country side as opposed to city buildings

Anonymous said...

Spectacular, i jst wish I get a chance to visit!!


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