Psst, Can We Talk About Big Boobs For a Sec?

Seen on an old forum board today: 
Every "attractive" woman on the cover of a magazine - big, honkin', bubble boobs. Every scantily dressed starlet on tv - big bubble boobs. Every actress desperately trying to make an image at the award shows - big bubble boobs. Every music video - you guessed it, big bubble boobs. I'm just danged tired of these oh-so-fake silicon monstrosities pushing their way into the limelight every time I see a piece of popular culture. That is all.
*slow clap*

How unusual. Breasts in my face

I'm with the frustrated commenter. I'm sick of the huge, plastic, fake bubble boobs. What is with this fixation for huge boobs no matter the cost and no matter what naturalness is sacrificed for them?

I looked at a lot of articles when researching this post and you know what? Not only are people obsessed with breasts, they're a little fixated on listing euphemisms and slang terms as an introduction to the subject. Why....? 

Big breasts are everywhere. They're exploited by advertising, being circulated on the internet by people who think that's what we want to see and being flaunted by the boobed ones like Coco or that teen skank married to that old man who was in The Green Mile. I can't be bothered trying to remember their names. I'm tired of boobs. Tired of having them in my face everywhere I look. I'm tired of coming face to face with the assumption that if you end up on general interest web pages - not porn sites - you must want to see boobs.

So...where's the beef?

And why are we subjected to them? Although the guys who love big breasts don't believe this, the entire world of men are not turned on by huge tits. Some think huge breasts are unattractive. 

When you think about the fact that the population is only partially male, some of them gay and some of them into legs or butts, why is there this fascination with them? Why are both men and women obsessed with them? Why do men who confess to liking other things about women more than breasts get treated like they just admitted to not liking sports?

Only heterosexual guys surf, I guess.

In one of the articles, a guy suggested that one of the reasons men are obsessed is breast envy. They wish they had them. That's funny because I 'babysat' this kid once who said that he could never get a sex change operation because he would be too obsessed with fondling his breasts to do anything else with his life. Then as a 'for example' he squeezed his imaginary breasts with both hands and affected a dazed expression which, considering he was a precocious ten-year old, was both scary and hilarious.

Now with fake padded nipples!

Breast surgery is the number one cosmetic procedure in the U.S. The American Society of Plastic Surgery estimates that every year American women undergo some 300,000 breast augmentations and 100,000 breast reductions. Women who get augmented typically want a one or two-cup-size increase, most typically from A or B to C. Women who want reductions typically go one or two cup sizes down.

Yeah don't even try to click those links.

Let's face it, you have big breasts because of genetics or because you bought them. Either way, no actual brains went into it and I'm probably going to make a judgement that the more you rely on your tits to get you what you want, the less brains you have. Speaking of breast augmentation, when did half-grapefruit shaped boobs become attractive?

To me, sexy is when a woman is happy with her body regardless of how it fits into the narrow, artificial frame-work of what is considered attractive today. Sexy is when you're happy with what you naturally have. The same study cited earlier found that 70% of women are unhappy with their breasts compared to a much smaller percentage of men who said they were unhappy with their partner's breasts.

A guy once told me that he loves breasts but he doesn't care what size they are. If they belong to the woman he loves, they're perfect. He said they come in all shapes and he had one girlfriend who had two different sized breasts. He didn't care, he said, but she was self conscious about it. That bothered him a lot more than her breasts did.

So is this a case of men just admiring a huge set of breasts and women running with that and thinking huge breasts must be what they want and advertisers jumping on the band wagon because sex sells or are we all just obsessed about huge breasts for different reasons?

Yes, yes, Spongeboob. Very funny


Tonya said...

Angie said...

Interesting perspective, my friend. Made even more so by the fact that you are very voluptuous and still know that not everyone wants to see your cleavage. What ever happened to modesty, anyway? It's like a dirty word anymore.

Frimmy said...

Seriously! My problem is too much boob so summer clothing reveals far more than I'm comfortable with. If I wore a push up bra my cleavage would be up to my neck. I wear spandex camisoles to reduce how much boob can be assessed by the average on looker while in uniform. It also helps reduce the boob movement when I'm walking quickly or bouncing between stations.

The last time I was into the store in summer clothing - sun dress with a light jacket which rendered me too hot and still didn't hide cleavage - someone said; "Oh my god I didn't realize how big your boobs were! I want to touch them!!" She was referring to the boob spilling out of the top of the dress. I can't really do anything about that except cover it up and some days it's too damn hot.

I think unless one is breast feeding, breasts should be showcased to one's significant other or when with one's significant other if we are out for a special evening requiring dressing up. Not during the day, not at private gatherings, not while visiting friends. I'm not embarrassed by them, but I don't want them to be what gets me attention because, for me, it's the wrong kind of attention. That's what summer heat ends up getting me. The wrong attention.

Frimmy said...

Tonya, very interesting article. Thank you for the link.

Macro Man Jr. said...

Everybody has a butt (albeit, women have the nicest butts). Everybody has legs (albeit, women have the "gams"). But only women have developed boobs.

Breasts are the emblem of femininity. Every human culture symbolizes femininity and fertility by her breasts. Most sex goddesses and idols had accentuated breasts for a reason: breasts are the most immediately-noticeable difference with women from men. Why downplay the breasts?

Even as much as many women complain about it, they're sure don't mind accentuating their breasts, with cleavage on a regular public rate. Women (of all bra sizes) sure don't mind flaunting and parading them about, seeking attention for them. Even "classy" evening gowns tend to show some cleavage. And it's been this way long before modern times.

So, apparently, even women recognize the sexual power of their own breasts--if not just to exploit them exhibitionistically. You want to get mad when someone notices your deliberately-accentuated breasts--just because you can.

Even in modest times, the breasts were always accentuated in some way (corsets, etc.). Why are you acting like this breast fetishism is something new in Western society? Even with and before the ancient Greek, the West has ALWAYS been a breast-adoring culture.

Though, the entire female form is something adored, and every inch of woman is alluring, but breasts steal the show. Nothing in outward appearance says "female" more than breasts. Generally-speaking, there's no comparing a woman's breasts to mere legs or butts.

You can see a woman's entire ass hanging out of a bikini on the beach, by the hundreds, and while some folks will certainly look, most people generally won't care. But as soon as a woman there accidentally slips out a nipple, we (heterosexual males) will break our necks just to catch sight of it. Half-naked women everywhere, and a tiny nipple steals our attention. It's because breasts carry mystique--legs and asses don't.

Hell, even other women will immediately catch sight of it. it's not just men who enjoy beautiful breasts. I hear women compliment other women's breasts all the time, in that certain way that only women can compliment other women's bodies, in that non-lesbian way. I bet every woman has seen at least one other woman whose curves have made her pause--be it in admiration, envy or a moment of guilty pleasure. Breasts are THAT special.

By the way, you're delusional if you think that the number of gay men and leg/butt men out there outnumber the heterosexual male population who enjoy the female breasts for the secondary sexual characteristics they are.

Men seek it and women seek to be it for an evolutionary reason--curvy women are more fertile. This modern society of "everyone is beautiful" is counter-intuitive to evolutionary traits. A curvier, bustier women are a biological sign of healthy choice of mate for mating. There's tons of science on this matter, so it's not just all sociological--it's biological.

Though, breasts-loving men aren't just a mere portion of the population--we're a considerable majority of the male portion of the human population.

Even your so-called "ass man" will, more times than not, prefer a nice rack to go with the ass. Even an "ass man" doesn't prefer a flat-chested woman.

You can deny this stuff all you'd like, but just because denials become easier to defend, it doesn't make your sentiment any truer. The celebration of breasts aren't an accident. It's just uncomfortable to women who can't accept our human reality.

Frimmy said...

That's what you think this was about? Hahaha!!

Anonymous said...
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Frimmy said...

Amen sister


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