So You Want To Paint a Classic...It's Easy Once You Know How

You're driving around Iowa looking for inspiration. Who do you have available as models? Nobody. Well, your sister because she's always supportive. Also, because it's 1930 your dentist has some time off because who cared about teeth back then?


 You find a house.

Cute house. I like it. You have your house and your models. So paint, already. Is it looking familiar to you yet? Stop wiggling, I'm looking at you art majors.  Excuse me while I try to fill some space so the actual painting isn't so easy to see.

Here we go:

Grant DeVolson Wood - American Gothic
Well done!


Tonya said...

I knew as soon as I saw the models. I WIN!!!! I AM THE WINNER!!!!!

Angie said...

I may have mentioned this, but Grant Wood came from the area where my daughter's college is located. They have many of his originals hanging in their library. Very cool.


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