Tom Philips - The Dead Photographer

This is like playing Find The Dead Guy. Yes he plays a dead guy in every photo but it's secondary to the photos of beautiful places around the world. His pictures do two things, wow you with beauty and heritage and then make you laugh. Also there's a reason behind the places he's chosen. Sometimes it's in the name of the photo.  His Dead In The Studio shot, for example, was in honour of Keith Moon.

His website is here.

Dead in the Valley (for Ludo)

Dead at Paraa Falls

Dead in Dubrovnik

Dead in Shibuya, Japan

Dead in St Croix

Dead in the American West

Dead in an Oasis in the Desert

Dead in the Tunnel of Love

Dead in the Studio (for Keith Moon)

Dead on the Road to Nowhere

Dead at Gebel

Dead at No Country For Old Men 

Dead at the Torqued Ellipses

At the Shriners' Temple.

Bay of Biscayne

Dead at the Dead Sea

Dead in New Orleans. One glove off. Nice touch.


Angie said...

This is great! The guy has a killer travel agent....

Get it? "Killer" travel agent?

I really need to start doing standup.

Frimmy said...

I'd vote for you!


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