Where is Brian May RIGHT NOW? (hint: not touring with Queen Extravaganza)

Brian May at the Olympiyskiy stadium in Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, July 1, 2012.
(AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

So if he was in the Ukraine Sunday July 1...how can he be performing in Calgary July 2 for the Queen Extravaganza concert? He may be be a rocket scientist but he canna change the laws of physics.

First: Queen Extravaganza was an excellent concert but... 

Good thing I suspected by the price of the tickets that there was no way I was going to be seeing Brian May. We had very little publicity to go by. I heard nothing about it and nobody I asked knew about it. One person heard an ad on the radio and he thought the group consisted of May and Roger Taylor plus Marc Martel and a few others seen on American Idol, and I can totally see why he thought that but, while May and Taylor obviously endorse this tribute group, they are definitely not touring with them. 

The concert hall where they were playing seats 1800 so that's a clue right there. Facebook shows the band members with May and Taylor and I found that it seemed to support the misinformation I was given. 

Here are pics relevant to last night's concert from their facebook.

Jack Singer Concert Hall

What you see when you arrive

Marc Martel, centre

This would be after intermission where the ensemble changed from all black to 
black and white costumes. Screens in back started playing Queen concert footage after the intermission as well.

Guitarist on the right nailed the May solos and I'm pretty sure he had a
Brian May Red Special because it sounded exactly like May's guitar.

This is The Red Special, distinctive because May made it himself

Whoa, May seems to have suffered a momentary lapse of cognitive ability in that picture above. He made his own guitar way back in the beginning and now he makes a whole line of guitars which ordinary, average people can buy if they have the ₤'s. If we're counting, he's a soccer fan, a guitarist, an astro physicist, a milker of the Queen brand and a guitar designer and manufacturer.

Do you see a Roger Taylor in there? Glowering at us?

Marc Martel loves God.
Not that there's anything wrong with that

Queen Ex interchanged three lead singers. Two from Quebec, which was crazy. See...Marc is French that's why he spells his name that way. Anyway, he definitely lived up to the hype. He can be Freddie. When he wants to be. He hit the high notes, he impersonated the quirks and there were a few moments that blew me away. Blew. Me. Away. He plays piano, he plays guitar. He looks like him.

Stylin' the gay 'stache

Queen Ex was interesting in that they were able to do with nine members what Queen was unable to do with four (and one of them didn't sing). They soundly captured the operatic vocals and duel guitars that Queen accomplished by mixing tracks in the studio. So in one way, they sounded better than Queen when Queen was live.

One jarring note. There was a female member and I don't know why but I resented her being there. I'm sure she has a lovely voice but it doesn't belong in a group who are trying to sound like Queen. It was fine as long as she was singing back up, but as lead? No. Just...no. 

Jennifer Espinoza with...some old English dude and a red guitar.

Here is the interview/performance from The Ellen Show

Marc Martel has his own band, Downhere which he promotes like an evangelical christian. Might be because it is a christian band. I believe after the Edmonton show he is done with Queen Extravaganza. Much as I hate to give any religion air time, especially christians, this is his web site.

I hope they let Queen die, frankly. I'm glad I went but this is a horse that keeps getting flogged and if I paid attention to all the 'tours' and Queen 'performances' with guest leads I would be so done with them. I ignore it because it isn't Queen without Freddie and I don't want to get angry, or worse, resigned. John Deacon retired at exactly the right time. He took the high road and he's sticking to it. Take a cue. Enough is enough. Enough was enough 15 years ago. Let my Queen go.


Tonya said...

I can understand that feeling completely. I like Queen OK, but it's over. This Marc guy is absolutely amazing though. And he's definitely got Freddie's energy.

Frimmy said...

If May & Taylor are keeping it going to promote the Mercury Phoenix Trust then fine. But I haven't seen the foundation's name bandied about much with regard to performances. That could be because I live across an ocean from them. God knows I missed out on enough recordings and ALL their concerts because of that.


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