Wherein Su Friday Es Mi Friday

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When you work in an establishment that is open 24/7 one's weekends rarely line up with the general public's weekends. This is one of those rare weekends. Not only that, I have four consecutive days off in a row. So, let's not waste it, let's have some fun and do something. Talk to me. Let's debate something. Or let's just compare notes on our observations on humanity. Or let's go to a movie. Or let's watch the same movie at the same time. 

One of the things I'm going to do is test out some blended scotch. I tried to find the Ardbeg recommended by the alien commenter, an Islay single malt scotch, but the owner of the store I was in had never heard of it. It exists, yes it does, but not around here apparently. Which is fine, I've tried a wide variety of single malts and I'm satisfied with that. I now have a variety of bottles with pleasing cork stoppers all but one of which has the tiniest amount removed. The Macallan and I are very happy together.

So this weekend's festivities will include this:

 And this:

If you remember from our studies, the advantage of blended scotch is the fact that if it says 12 year old on the bottle it means that the youngest scotch in the bottle is 12. There could be up to 40 or 50 other scotches older by a bit or a lot.

Meanwhile I'm going to indulge in some of this:

And this:


Tonya said...

Sign me up for eating the last 2 pictures and watching you drink the first 2. Hell, I'll pour. It's a treat to pour good scotch.

Frimmy said...

Johnny Walker Black reminds me of Laphroiag. I liked Cutty Sark. I'll be storing Cutty Sark with the single malts and Johnny Walker and Laphroaig together at the back of the shelf behind the dates and molasses.

Tonya said...

I've actually heard from snobs that Johnny Walker black isn't bad. Never heard anyone liking Cutty Sark.


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