Ardbeg - An Islay Single Malt Scotch

One of you might recall my research into single malt scotch a short while ago. In my intended last post on the subject a freakishly anonymous commenter asked if I had tried Ardbeg yet. Because I had mainly focused on the milder Speyside scotches I thought it would be fair to try one last Islay as Laphroiag was the only one I had tested up until then. (wasn't crazy about it) Yesterday I was in Calgary and wandering around Banker's Hall (a pretentious set of high rise office buildings where banking is done and where most of the men I passed were wearing black pants and some shade of light blue dress shirt) when I came across a liquor store and lo they had Ardbeg.

"Good choice," said the cashier, "the peatier the better!"

This did not bode well for me. 

What is so great about Ardbeg besides being able to type the word with only your left hand? And do not underestimate the joy of typing an entire word with your left hand. Try "stewardesses" right now. Isn't that nice? </digression> According to Jim Murray in The Complete Book of Whiskey it is "Unquestionably the greatest distillery to be found on Earth. If perfection on the palate exists, this is it." Hmm...that's well and good if one is tasting distilleries, aye?

It definitely reminded me of Laphroiag with its peaty nuances but I liked it, I must admit. The Macallan is a good soothing kind of kicking back scotch. Ardbeg is more of an 'I'm going to kill the crap out of the rest of this day' kind of scotch. For occasions when you come home from whatever you were doing, frustrated, angry, hopeless and ready to kick puppies, this is your scotch. It has weight to it and as it goes down warming your innards you know it's got the balls to sucker punch anything else coming your way. Ardbeg has your back like an offensive lineman buddy. (I googled: "what football position requires the biggest players" for that)

Now, THIS is my last post on the subject of scotch although probably not the last time I mention scotch since it's my favourite libation. My next experiment is Irish or American whiskey and I'm leaning toward Jim Beam for a starter.



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