Something I've noticed lately, and I know it's because I'm the right peer group for this, is that older guys who still have their hair, cite this physical quality as if it were some great endowment. "Well, I still have my hair" is something I've heard a lot, as if it were a saving grace or some kind of great achievement rather than the very ordinary fact that it's genes that determine whether you keep your hair or not. They seem to hang on to the fact they still have their hair as proof that they still 'got it'. Some even have the attitude that they're more attractive because of it. Well, dream on.

I don't think the guys with hair realize that the baldies don't give a shit whether you have your hair or not. I'm not talking about Mr. Comb-Over because obviously he has a problem. I'm talking about men who walk around not giving one damn that they have no hair. Also, they don't feel threatened in the least that there are men with hair out there who think that having hair is something to brag about. It is a non-issue with them. Do you understand what I'm saying? That which you place so much value on means nothing to the baldies. 

It means nothing to me as well. It means nothing to most women I know except the shallow twenty somethings and really that's what the haired ones actually value. Being seen as 'hot' by young women. This is why I'd take a bald guy over a man with hair any day of the week, not that I have a preference. It's just that baldies are so much more secure about themselves.

I realize I've made sweeping generalizations here so I need to point out that not ALL guys my age, who still have their hair, care about such things. At least not on the outside. Deep down I think every guy with hair secretly counts this as something to be treasured while the rest of us - except Mr. Comb-Over -  really don't notice or care.

I would take a bald guy, secure with himself, over any man with a full head of hair who spends his grooming time checking for a receding hairline or thinning spots.

There is a whole group of men out there who can grow a head of hair and still choose to shave it all off. What's with that? Here's to the men who give not one damn about having no hair and also to the ones who do have it but don't want it. I'm hoping they're busy with more important things than nourishing their remaining hair follicles.

Bruce Willis

Patrick Stewart

Sean Connery

Dwayne Johnson (not pictured: great smile)

Samuel L. Jackson

Freddie Ljungberg - He looks better without hair

Jason Statham

Yul Brynner - Geez he looks manly even with a dangly earring!


Tonya said...

I have a thing for bald guys... I have for years. I don't know why, but I do. I even like half bald guys like David Cross. Dino has all his hair but it's starting to get a little thin on the top. I hope it goes soon while he still has a sexy dome. An old bald guy isn't quite as sexy, but that might change. As I get older my tastes change. When I look at pictures of Dino when I first met him I think, "What a kid."

Anonymous said...

Excessive testosterone and heredity are the reasons for hair loss (so I have read). So they are the most manly men!


Frimmy said...

Yeah I don't see it as an inhibitor of attractiveness at all. I'm not partial to baldies but I don't really recognize it one way or the other. I DO notice if someone is self conscious about it and I also notice when men my age are obsessed with their perceived endowment of hair. Really, get a life.

I do know this one guy who was obsessed with his his hair loss. He was vain. He also had the graduated tinted aviator prescription glasses and a mustache. This was way, way back. I didn't really pay much attention to him over the years but I saw him a short while ago and he has lost his hair, got contacts and shaved off the mustache and he may as well have been a honeydew melon for the lack of discernible features on his head. He needed the hair, glasses and mustache because he didn't have anything else in the way of features. Since then I heard he has gotten a hair piece. He's one guy who needed it for his ego AND his appearance.

Tonya said...


I've heard that as well, and I have found it to be true.


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