Bionicles are a LEGO product. They're action figures that you put together and they've been around since the Lad was half the size he is now. Bionicles were what we got into right after Rescue Rangers. Bionicles utilize pulleys and gears and engage a kids mind in the way LEGO always has but with mechanics. Today I was remembering how many he had and coincidentally he had dug some out, rebuilt them and arranged them in his window. 

We had an ongoing 'battle' with his Bionicles when he was younger. If he left them out, I would arrange them in delicate poses and leave them for him to find. If I had a dime for every time I heard "Mom! Bionicles don't do ballet!", I'd have about ten bucks. I told him it was negative stereotyping to assume they were not dancers at heart. He tells me this is what he'll be discussing first when he enters therapy.

They got really sophisticated as LEGO developed the series. The other thing I loved about them is that kids were encouraged to mix and match pieces from other Bionicles to create their own monster. LEGO is something I still enjoy playing with and wish I had time for. The Lad is the same way which makes him an odd mix. He's a kid who has been old enough to drive for quite some time and still thinks Bionicles have value. No, he's not play acting anymore, but he appreciates their mechanical properties and now he experiments with using their parts to create machines that help him in his primary goal of avoiding work. Not really. But remind me of the time I found he had hooked up a series of swivels and straws to put water at his bedside without having to lift a glass to drink it.


Tonya said...

I love stories about The Lad. He's so cool and funny. I adore him.

Frimmy said...

Seriously, this was the worseliest edited post I've ever done. First thing after work tomorow, I'm fixing stuff.


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