Blanket Migration

I can't believe I didn't get ANY results when I googled this: Why are my blankets migrating during the night?.

None. I got a lot of images of babies and cats. WTF? When I removed them from the search (-baby -cat) I got fruit and birds. Birds migrate, I get that, but fruit?

Not my bedroom. I don't like blue walls.

I am kind of a bed diva. It's probably my only extravagance although that word is subjective I suppose. In any case, I fall asleep better without the distraction of uncomfortable sheets and uneven distributions of weight from blankets and duvets. So I make my bed before I get into it. I also make my bed during the night as well. The reason for this nocturnal making of the bed is my blankets migrate while I sleep. 

Once I'm asleep I'm fine but if I have occasion to awaken during the night, I just accept that I may as well straighten sheets and duvets before I climb back in or I'll lie awake stewing about it. Last night was the worst. Imagine a rectangular watch face with my blankets languishing across the face from two o'clock to seven and me in a tiny shivering ball up by the eleven.

Why does this happen??? I do not thrash around. They just shift over gradually. Sliding like there's some kind of incline of which I am unaware and gravity is taking over. If that were true wouldn't everything eventually end up in that corner of the room?

Is the nap on one of my blankets running in that direction and friction is causing this slippage allowing the blanket to move in one direction easily and not move back? That makes sense.


Angie said...

What kind of fabric are you dealing with? I'd suspect your sheets first off.

Frimmy said...

You're going to get way too much info here. lol

Cotton sheet, electric blanket, double layer mink blanket - the Korean type and the blanket I'm eyeing with suspicion - and a big duvet. The mink blanket is the one with the nap. I'm thinking of flipping it over and seeing if the sheets start migrating in the other direction.

Angie said...

I think you should. Question is, if it turns out to be the mink, will you stop using it?

Frimmy said...

Yeah I'll probably look at replacing it with some other heavy weight blanket down the road. It's the weight I like. I'm certainly warm enough.

Unknown said...

We are returning an electric blanket described in the advertising as "plush" that migrates at a rapid pace. It is between flannel sheets and a woven cotton bedspread. Our flannels and bedspread have never had this problem, so I'm sure it is the plush. It has a velour-like nap, though I don't know whether something described as "velour" migrates. I think it is the nap and the slick poly that together cause the problem. We will be looking for another texture or material.

Frimmy said...

I love this comment so much. I'm still having the migration issue and I agree it's the double ply plush/velour/mink blanket rolling. So, I've just become resigned to remaking my bed one or two times during the night. I don't even wake up for it anymore really.

Good luck on your search. If you find something outstanding let me know!


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