Chumming the Ocean - Archers of Loaf

North Carolina indie group Archers of Loaf released Seconds Before The Accident..., their first live album, in 2000. Having broken up in 1998, it was to be their last album as well.

What does this song mean? Is it simply about a drowning diver? Is it about someone who is trying too hard and messing up? What do you think?

Archer's former lead singer, Eric Bachmann, heads up a group called Crooked Fingers. I like them better I think. They did an album called Reservoir Songs. A collection of cover songs including the Queen/Bowie collaboration "Under Pressure". I really disliked this song when Queen did it and I don't much like the Crooked Fingers version. Either someone needs to arrange and sing that song in a completely different way or it needs to be erased from the human consciousness. My vote is to erase but I wonder what Jack White could do with it?

Quietly thoughtful lyrics, understated vocals and heavy on the acoustic guitar, several of his songs me of an early Gordon Lightfoot. Melancholy but pretty I can only handle so much at one time.



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