Countries of the World - Yakko Warner

It's been a while since I posted a music video nobody will watch. So here's one that combines three loves. Music, Animaniacs and Geography. I realize I'm aging myself here and country configurations have changed a bit since this song was first seen in the series but I love it anyway.

In grade six my teacher, Mrs. Joki, used to call two students up to the front of the class to stand in front of a map. She would say a name of a place on the world map and the first student to find it and point it out won that round and stayed in the game until they were in turn put out. I loved that game and did well at it. Geography was something I never had to work at. This song brings back a very rare pleasant memory of school days.


Unknown said...

LMAO!!!! LMAOING very hard.

Tonya said...

I stumbled this just a couple of weeks ago and I loved it!!! I can't believe I never saw it. Maybe if more Americans saw this we'd have a better grasp of geography? Maybe?

Frimmy said...

Animaniacs was SO underappreciated. It still saddens me they were cancelled.

Frimmy said...

They have several songs relating to geography. States and capitals is one.

Anonymous said...

used to watch this cartoon with the boy, yes was a good one.



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