Food Inspired Jewellery

Miniatures are fascinating and if I had a job where I could wear this kind of thing I'd be on it like a fruit fly on a black banana.

The artist who does this work, Shay Aaron of Shay Aaron Miniatures, has an Etsy shop here. I've featured his work before but didn't include his jewellery and this was too delicious to pass up. Check out all his work, there are pages and pages of it.


Why would anyone want to wear a cabbage? Still, nice work!

Part of the realism is the texture that he gets right.

If Crabbie were a woman and sometimes I believe he is a middle-aged mother of two, one of whom is struggling with school, at least one cat and drives a slightly rusted 10 year old import (automatic) I'd totally get that last pair of earrings for him. I'd have to special order purple jelly instead of the red stuff but still, totally worth it.



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