Guys Cabinet Door Sounds Like Chewy

I stole this from Stuff I Stole From The Internet who stole it from Yabadoon who look like they stole it from Funny Or Die. (Everyone happy?)

This post was pathetic but I fell yesterday in drive thru and smashed my hand and messed it up and I've already had issues with tendinitis in my hands. This did not help. The person at the window didn't even notice. The woman in the car behind was horrified and when she got to the window she was all OMG you almost fell out of the window! Are you OK?! At the time I did not realize the extent of my injuries. So I was all stoic and waved it off. I said: "Nothing a double espresso won't cure". No. I didn't say that. I whimpered like a lonely puppy. No. I didn't whimper either.

I think it affected my brain though because A) I can't type anymore, not as in my hand doesn't work properly (which it doesn't), but as in I'm typing words I had no intention of using and typing other words completely backwards kind of thing and B) I'm craving raspberries.

Of the two it's the second one that disturbs me. I'm not a craver of raspberries by nature.


Tonya said...

Poor Frimmy. Are you in a terrible amount of pain?

Angie said...

I don't understand why you never mentioned this?

MuserMommy said...

I am sorry Frim. Let me know how the raspberry thing turns out.


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