Here's the Thing About Why I'm Not Posting So Much...

Blogger refuses to allow me to edit. Notice:

Currently I'm working on a post about artist Sam Spratt.

What you're seeing is pictures imposed on top of my html edit interface. I can't edit that which I can't see or click on. Why the pictures are there is beyond my understanding. Before blogger used to do this with video only. Now it's anything I've uploaded. 

This sucks away any desire I had to post about anything. Unless it's a straight post involving text only, I am at the mercy of blogger and whatever is going on with them. It's hit or miss whether I will be able to edit anything with pictures or video. As you know, my blog is heavy with pictures and light on text because I am not a writer.

It's also not allowing me to preview.


Unknown said...

This happened to me once posting on my music blog. Never happens to me on regular blog. Get the white highlight thing on my music blog too sometimes but never on the regular blog. Not sure why this should matter when you're inside the editor, but difference between music/regular blog is, music blog is on generic template offered in Blogger and reg. blog is on third-party template.

Not much info in blogger help forum. If enough people complain they'll look into it.!searchin/blogger/compose$20html/blogger/mwsd1vfkdhc/QCqoCmWADKMJ%5B1-25%5D

Frimmy said...

Thank you. Two cents delivered.


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