I Have Dragonflies

I love dragon flies. I don't go around collecting dragonfly stuff but I love having them around. Since they arrived, I haven't really been bothered by mosquitoes. Is there a connection?

I apologize, I'm not a photographer, this was the first time with a camera I found downstairs. It had a macro setting so I pounced. Well, it had what I wanted AND I found the cable too. 

This guy was checking me out while I took pictures of the others.

It seemed as curious about me as I was about it.

This guy just kept posing and posing

This is his X-Wing pose

Pink body, blue eyes and phlox

Pink iridescent colour


Blurry but it shows the pink iridescence I'm talking about

How many do you see?

Oh hi!


Tonya said...


Yes, dragonflies are a major predator of mosquitoes. They also eat other pest insects. They're a good beneficial insect to encourage.

Angie said...

I see four! And I wish I had them around my house :)


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