I'm a Little Tired.

I haven't forgotten about you. Lately, there's not a lot of time between when I get home from work and when I pass out. I'm the only manager out of four who is available to work right now. One is away for training, one is recovering from surgery and one is on vacation. That leaves me to try and be in several places at once. It's wearing me down a bit. It eases a bit next week. This was day two of six.

Oh and it's a long weekend. Long weekends are when people, who should ordinarily be happy, act like dicks. It's non stop attitude from the ones who actually get to enjoy the long weekend, unlike us drones.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could edit photos right in the blogger interface?


Tonya said...

I'm sorry, Frimm. I'll be here waiting when you get back.

Frimmy said...

I'm not stressing. That's cool. Just really tired. Still fighting that wog that's making my muscles ache. But, I now have a/c installed in my room!! So good sleep staring tonight. Starting now, actually.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are working this weekend. Why the attitude on a long weekend? Cause standing in your line is causing them to lose precious "vacation"? I don't get it.


Tonya said...

I don't understand people, Ann. They live in a 1st world country. They have a long weekend off work. They have money to go and buy coffee and breakfast items that many people have to make for themselves. Children in Somalia don't give a flying fuck if you take an extra 60 seconds to get them their cappuccino.

Angie said...

People can really suck at times.

Frimmy said...

Ann, I don't understand why people are so impatient with US when they're the ones getting the holiday. It's something we've come to count on. Holiday weekends mean we can expect to be abused. I wonder if it isn't because of stress. We're seeing them as they leave to go away, or are arriving back when it's over and they're stressed. Doesn't matter, it's not our fault and we don't deserve it.

And yes, they're waiting in a line they chose to get into and hold us accountable for wasting their time. As if.


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