Lizard Mohawk

I posted a picture of a similar haircut a while ago in a picture dump post. Someone came through drive thru yesterday with this haircut. I asked my hair person if she could do this hair cut and she said that it would take her years of practice. So I asked the guy in drive thru where he got it done and he said he has a buddy who does hair who did it for him. I was hoping to find someone to do this for the Lad and I was hoping we could dye it cobalt blue and send him to visit my parents. Ahh the shock value alone would be worth the price. Anyway, it would be cool hair for a kid to have once. Once.


Rhees said...

I am doing this tomorrow for crazy hair day at out school. I've done similar ones in the past. Cut a template out of paper. Test fit on the head. Trace template onto shelf paper and cut out. Stick on head. shave exposed hair.

Frimmy said...

Simplicity itself!! And I don't have to be an artist...this could work.


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