Mauritius's Chamarel Coloured Earths & More

Mauritius is shrinking due to rising water levels

Mauritius and Reunion are off the east coast of Madagascar which is off the east coast of Africa. Madagascar has been on my bucket list since I was a kid and learned vanilla is produced there. It had nothing to do with that movie with the penguins.

Besides being drop dead gorgeous, Mauritius has a few features that make it worth taking a a plane trip to the other side of the globe. One of these features is the Chamarel Coloured Earths.

Et Voila!

In the Rivière Noire district, words which here mean "Black River", the “seven-colored earth” is a bald patch of earth in the middle of a dense forest where "bald" means a shiny pate with rainbow, clown, wig colours. The soil was created by volcanic rocks that cooled at different temperatures, causing the earth to form beautiful bands of color in the exposed hillsides. Rocks beget sand eventually as is the nature of things and the sand here is around seven different colours of red, purple, brown, grey, green, orange and yellow. 

The really interesting thing about the sand is they spontaneously settle in different layers with each colour sticking to sand of its own colour. This phenomenon can also be observed, on a smaller scale, if one takes a handful of sands of different colours and mixes them together, as they'll eventually separate into a layered spectrum. But who has time to watch sand particles migrating? I do.

What I wouldn't give to shake some up in a jar and wait for the migrating to happen! However, the sands are off limits to us.

Nearby to the Charmarel coloured earths and also in the Rivière Noire district is Tamarind Falls. 

Also, this is the land of the giant lily pads we've been seeing around the internet lately. The Pamplemousse Botantical Gardens (Pamplemousse means "grapefruit") feature the lilies and other exotic plants and trees native to the island.

And let's not forget the pristine beaches gently washed with crystal clear water

Oh and sugar! I saw this picture below on a Mauritius tourism site that was offering a tour of sugar manufacturing. I loved this picture and sugar manufacturing says "tropics" like almost nothing else can. Well, except maybe rum. As if Mauritius wasn't already irresistible enough!

So beautiful!


Unknown said...

OH! I Get the sugar now!

Frimmy said...

Isn't it beautiful?!

Tonya said...

This brings a sweet memory to mind...

I had a regular who would come to my bar. Shy, quiet guy. He was the orchestra teacher at the local high school and he had a terrible crush on me for years. I liked him very much and he enjoyed a good scotch now and again. ;)

One day he was sitting there being quiet, so I walked over to him and leaned in close and said, "Tell me something I've never heard before." Without missing a beat he said, "Madagascar is the world's leading exporter of vanilla." Later, he glued me together a macaroni painting for Valentine's Day. I treasured it.

Frimmy said...

Sweeeet! I'm in the wrong profession. How easy is it to become a bar tender?

Tonya said...

It's simple!


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