Mushroom Cap

While mushroom cap could be used to describe the top part of a mushroom, in this case I'm actually talking about hats.

They're not called mushroom caps because they're shaped like mushrooms but because they're made with mushrooms. These mushrooms:

Amadou is a spongy, flammable substance prepared from bracket fungi. It resembles felt when the processing is complete. The species generally used is Fomes fomentarius which in English is also called horse's hoof fungus or tinder fungus. The amadou layer can be found on top of the fungus just below the outer skin and above the pores. It is used as tinder (especially after being pounded flat, and boiled or soaked in a solution of nitre) and also used when smouldering as a portable firelighter. [wiki]

Showing the layer used for making clothing and hats.
It is used in fly fishing for drying out artificial flies. It is sometimes used to form a felt-like fabric used in the making of hats and other items. It has great water-absorbing abilities. 

Amadou was a precious resource to ancient people, allowing them to start a fire by catching sparks from flint struck against iron pyrites. Remarkable evidence for this is provided by the discovery of the 5000-year-old remains of "Ötzi the Iceman", who was found to be carrying it for kindling.

This is Ötzi now, after his murder and subsequent ice-entombment, as wiki says 
There aren't many amadou hat makers anymore. They exist but mostly in Europe, specifically Romania.

I kinda like them. They look like they'd be soft. If you are interested in getting one, here is a link to a maker. You need to communicate directly with them for your order, they don't carry stock that I can tell and they don't have a price list. They are the only online maker I could scare up on google.


Aaron said...

Pretty cool. Thanks for writing this up!

holdjáró said...

Dear readers

we would like to inform you, that the link you gave as producer of these products is just a reseller. there are about 6-7 families left who are doing it. We are organizing visits directly to the producers, and soon we will came out with a common way of selling directly from producers, and not resellers. Zoltan from Slow Tours Transylvania.

Frimmy said...

Hi Zoltan, That's awesome! I would be very happy to link to that when it's available. If you have a moment please update me when you know so I can send readers to the producers who deserve the business.

Cool said...

Dear Zoltan, my name is Mako Csaba, and I am nut just a reseller, I have my own products too. As I told you in the telephone, I am making the products too, not just resell them.

Paul Boniface said...

This is a lost art. If you are a maker please message me at I would love to talk to an artist / creator of these wonderful hats.


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