Picture Dump

Well done

That's nothing. They also have places called Heart's Delight (26 kms from Dildo) , Blow Me Down, Pothead, Come by Chance, Nick's Nose Cove and Conception Bay


Our old friend the tug

Oh relax, he's 'armless!

WTF is a "calongne"? (spell checker suggestion: Caloocan)

Oarfish from the herring family

Oarfish surfacing and probably close to death because that's about the only reason they have for coming up from the abyssal depths where they live. 

This makes me want to collect old pallets

Apparently we all have these on the underside of our tongues.

Well done part: 2


That would be Black Chowder...

...which is also the name and colour of the cat

Largest swimming pool in the world as seen in Google Earth

Delicious fresh monkey!


kuschk said...

Black Iced Capp!

Frimmy said...

Hah! The chowder I had was at Tims.

Anonymous said...

I need the "you suck at parking" cards. I leave notes. It drives me wild.



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