Picture Dump

Mocha Java Mona Lisa

can you see it?



Clearly Harrison Ford's grandfather has risen from the dead
and he looks great! Has HF always had that nose?


This would make an awesome jigsaw puzzle (photo: Brian Valentine)


Yea verily, NPH, we feel the same. 

Also, this gorilla feels the same

Pineapple rooting attempts: 16
Pineapple rooting successes: 0

Aye, slow doon, ah'm pure scunnurt with yer speedin aroond ya fannybawbag! 

Peyto Lake, BC. I took this picture with an iPhone. There are hundred shots
from this vantage point but mine is the only one with a weathered fence post
in the bottom right corner. Because I didn't notice it in the frame.
And I'm not a photographer.
Also, Peyto Lake is the bomb

Gordon FreemanGogh

In Canada it's almost marilized. True story.

Father 1976 (left) Son 2012 (right)

If only...


Tonya said...

The orangutang drinking soda reminded me of Honey Boo Boo Child drinking her go go juice.

Angie said...

I love your picture dumps, they are always so interesting :)

Frimmy said...

It's a great way to use pics I think are cool but aren't substancial enough for a post on their own. I'm glad you like them.


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