Taber Corn

I'm eating corn on the cob right now. I mean right now. In between sentences, I gnaw on a cob and wish you could have one with me because this is the best damn corn on the cob I've ever had and I say that every year when I fork over $8 CAN for a dozen.

This is Taber corn. Grown in Taber, Alberta. Taber is famous for its corn due to the large amounts of sunshine the area receives. It is therefore known as the Corn Capital of Canada and holds an annual "Cornfest" in the last week of August. I bought Jensen's Taber Corn. Here is their website. I linked you to their FYI page because that was the most interesting and had the most words.

If that doesn't mean "good", what does I ask you?! What does!!??

The corn grown in the Taber area is naturally sweet. You know those weird recipes for sweet corn ice cream? I can believe it would work with this corn. The results you get when you add butter and salt gives you the same taste profile you would get with kettle corn. Slightly sweet and salty. Except...corn on the cob!!! Forgive me, I grew up eating feed corn, so it amazes me every time.

Taber and surrounds gets more sunshine than the entire country of Canada and probably a good part of the US as well. The corn here is so good it has unintentionally generated a thriving counterfeit 'Taber' corn industry.

So is Taber famous for anything else? Pfft, does it need to be??*

Here is a photo series on how to make corn on the cob while in the husk, in the microwave with NO mess. I've tried it. It works very well. It will be my go-to way to make corn on the cob from now on.

*Devin Setoguchi, professional ice hockey player for the Minnesota Wild. Previously played for the San Jose Sharks. Thanks, Wiki


Tonya said...

I love corn on the cob. We sometimes have corn dinner. Just corn and butter and salt. Mmmm.

Frimmy said...

That sounds perfect to me.

Angie said...

I had corn on the cob for dinner tonight as well. Real butter and lots of salt makes it near perfection.


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