Tennis Screamers & Grunters - Is It Cheating?

Did you know racquet is from the Arabic word: rahah, meaning "palm of hand"?

I dislike sports because I dislike all organized religions. So when I find a story that discusses something annoying about sports or is in some way critical, I'm in!

Loudest screamer: Maria Sharapova

Players who grunt or scream when they hit the ball are coming under fire lately from administrators of the game. Anti-grunting policies are being considered where players are penalized for making loud noises. Fans have been speaking out for a while now by booing the player when she or he is too loud. Spectators have also complained that the grunts are off-putting. In a game considered civilized, it's déclassé and graceless.

British player Heather Watson claimed that spectators actually enjoyed hearing the shrieks because they add to the tournament experience. Yeah, I disagree.

Why is all the noise a problem? Some consider it cheating. Tennis is a game of precision and the sound of the ball coming off the opponent's racquet is a way to gauge how fast the ball is coming toward you. Except you can't hear that over the screams and grunts of some players. Caroline Wozniacki and Martina Navratolova are two players that have come out against it.

Those who support grunting in the women's game have also claimed a sexist double standard, noting there is not currently any similar movement in men's tennis to muzzle male players. If that's true, then yes. It's sexist.

Coaches are divided on this debate. Some teach the grunt, while others don't.

In one of the videos below you will hear someone say that these screamers do not make a noise in practice and only bring it out for the official games. If that's true, then it's cheating.

The grunt-o-meters are expected to be introduced in the coming years.

What do you think? I think they sound ridiculous and yes, it's "bloody annoying".


Derek Warren said...

I didn't know coaches 'teach' the grunt. I just thought that was the power required to hit the ball. Sometimes on a sunday where there is nothing else to watch the grunting can start to be sexy. I'm getting more and more into sports though because of these interesting tidbits

Frimmy said...'re saying the tidbits here are encouraging you to be more into sports? There must be some way to use that to my advantage...


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