This Is What It Means To Fail As a Parent

Read this on Crazy Days And Nights today

The man's son is gay so he disowned him. This happened five years ago and the son just posted it to Reddit. They are still not talking. Fuck your god, 'Dad'.

And to all you self-righteous, complacent, bible-thumping assholes out there who condemn homosexuality, here is a list of violations receiving the same invective from God (condemned to not inherit God's kingdom) as "men kept for unnatural purposes and men who lie with men" according to 1 Corinthians 6:9-11:

unrighteous persons (a good umbrella term)
fornicators (all non-bible approved sexual activity including premarital sex)
idolaters (I say that includes all fanatics especially sports fanatics)
thieves (cheat on taxes anyone?)
greedy persons

Lets hope none of you assholes are guilty of these things because according to your bible they are equally evil in the eyes of your god. 

This concludes my one and only rant on the subject of people who can point the finger but can't accept responsibility for their own sinful actions as defined by their own bible. You're all stupid and you all need to shut the fuck up.


Unknown said...

You don't need a father anyways. Mine barely talked to me and look how I turned out.

Okay bad example.

Angie said...

This is pretty heinous and believe me, I KNOW heinous.

Tonya said...

My biological father and I never met and my stepfather was a spineless man who only paid attention to me to hit me growing up and I grew up to be a perfectly normal woman with a mood disorder who slept with everyone to get attention.

Also a bad example.


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