This is a quick post about the awesomeness of tugboats.

They're the grunts of the nautical world. No yacht-like amenities, not speedy and certainly not beautiful, unless your definition of beauty is hard-working and muscle-bound.

If their designations are any hint, tugs aspire to loftier heights than just beast of burden. The one above is called Pegasus. I saw one called Millennium Falcon. *ahem* You keep dreaming there, buddy!

Tugs are dwarfed by the ships they help maneuver in and out of ports and up to and away from docks. They have the power in the small spaces. Far more power than their charges.

Why do they have this power? They're like icebergs. There's more of them below the water than there is above. Above the water they're cabin and maybe a look out tower. Not a lot really. Below the water they're all engine.

Here are a few photos of tugboats in drydock.

I like this one because there's one in the water and one in drydock, for comparison

What got me started on this subject was a series of pictures put together in a YouTube video. Take a look:

So, yeah, it went under water, under the bridge, popped back up like a beach ball, restarted the engine and continued pushing the barge down the river. That's how I like to do my job too.


Tonya said...

Oh man! I adore tugboats and I think they're pretty, so there!

Frimmy said...

I love them too but I think they're more cute and adorable than pretty. Cute in a Happy or Doc dwarf kind of way.


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