Vladimir Kush - Hot Artist Series, Part ∞

See what I did there with the ∞ symbol*?  It's because I have run out of interesting ways to entitle posts about art.

Today's feature artist is Vladimir Kush. Check out more of his work on his website here and here he is in person:

So...really nice back! I don't know why it is I end up choosing art by people who also happen to be hot but that the way it's been working. So I've decided to just feature Hot Artists who also happen to create works that I find captivating.

I come across a lot of art on the internet because I search specifically for it, obviously, but I don't often post what I find for several reasons. I don't like it. I like only a little of what they do or I don't think you'll like it. Yes, I decide for you what you're going to like or not like. Anyway, I try to feature art that uses mediums that are unexpected, techniques that are unusual or, in the case of photorealism, works that are just so amazing that I can't help but rave about it.

Vladimir Kush does work that relies heavily on metaphors and I really like it but I don't know why I like it. I have tried to analyze it but nothing presents itself as a reason. It's surreal and real? It uses interesting juxtapositions? It starts out one thing and ends up another? Or maybe it's the fun of puzzling out what else you're seeing besides what you're, well, seeing or in his own words: it "challenges our subconcsious with the symbolism of artifacts". I don't know. What do you think?

(alt + 236 in Windows gives you the infinity symbol. Feel free to try it in the comments)

Born to Fly

Breakfast on the Lake

Eye of the Needle - I know this one!!

Fauna in La Mancha


I love Haven. The image reminds me of something I used to do to kill time when I traveled with my parents as a kid. At sunset if the clouds were drifting a certain way across the sky, I could imagine the clouds on the horizon were a series of inlets or coves in the water. Just like this picture. This was cool as hell.


Music of the Woods - LOVE!


Ripples on the Ocean

Sunrise by the Ocean

Brain May! I kid     Anticipation of Night Sky. I think.

Vladimir Kush being hot in Borneo

This picture makes me laugh and makes me dizzy.

Below is the biography you can find on his website. Usually I try to make my 'about the artist' more original but I liked his version so much I copied and pasted it here.
Vladimir Kush was born in Russia, in a one-story wooden house near the Moscow forest-park Sokolniki. [one-story wooden house!]
At the age of seven Vladimir began to attend art school until late evening where he became acquainted with the works of great artists of the Renaissance, famous Impressionists, and Modern Artists.
Vladimir entered the Moscow Higher Art and Craft School at age 17, but a year later he was conscripted. After six months of military training the unit commander thought it more appropriate to employ him exclusively for peaceful purposes, namely, painting propagandistic posters. [peaceful purposes, painting propagandistic posters! Alliteration win!]
After military service and graduating the Institute of Fine Arts, Vladimir painted portraits on Arbat Street to support his family during the hard times in Russia.
In the year 1987, Vladimir began to take part in exhibitions organized by the Union of Artists. At a show in Coburg, Germany in 1990, nearly all his displayed paintings sold and after closing the exhibition, he flew to Los Angeles where 20 of his works were exhibited and began his “American Odyssey.”
In Los Angeles, Kush worked in a small, rented home garage, but was unable to find a place to display his paintings. He earned money by drawing portraits on the Santa Monica pier and eventually was able to purchase a ticket to his “Promised Land,” Hawaii.
In 1993, a dealer from France noticed the originality of Kush’s work and organized an exhibition in Hong Kong. Success surpassed all expectations. In 1995, a new exhibition in Hong Kong at the Mandarin Fine Art Gallery brought more success. In 1997 he had a new start in the USA exhibiting in the galleries in Lahaina, Hawaii and in Seattle. In 2001 Kush opened his first gallery, Kush Fine Art in Lahaina, Hawaii. He now has 4 gallery locations in the USA with future plans to open more galleries around the world.
Clearly Mr. Kush does not need our encouragement but let's wish him the best in his total world art gallery domination plans.



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